Whether we desire or not desire to lead a family, team, organization or nation one day, we all must face the reality that we must all learn to lead ourselves.

Everyone is therefore a leader. The question is how well or poorly are we leading? An even more critical question is what is the direction we are leading? Because while there are no perfect leaders, there are leaders growing in the right or wrong direction.

Where am I in my leadership journey? Where do I need to be?
What do I need to do to get there?

This workshops aims to help participants answer and act on these questions. 

We will develop the skills in:

  • Objective Assessment: How to reflect on past experiences, understand our current character & personality to objectively assess where we are in our leadership journey.
  • Developing Alignment: How to develop and align personal vision, mission & goals.
  • Developing United Focus: How to develop sustained & balanced focus with our limited focus to build momentum toward achieving the vision.

At the completion, we want to walk away with confidence & wisdom to lead ourselves forward.

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