There is a famine of teaching that help people to develop clear thinking or discernment today. The ability to separate truth from lies, right from wrong and better from worst is not just critical for life but also to communicating & serving others well.

Our view of life & people directly determines how we think, speak and act. We may have a wrong view that every person is always trying to find fault in us. This will produce a defensive & critical attitude that may push away people who could be trying to attack us but also those who could be trying to encourage & help us.

It is therefore wise to continually be humble to consider if our views are truthful and right and be open to adjustments or life saving change. In this workshop, we will be challenged to consider if we have the right view of people and customer service. We will be set free from stereotypes and wrong assumptions and empowered to take responsibility for our own attitudes & skills to provide good service.

We will develop the skills in:

  • Communication: How to effectively send a clear & honest message
  • Problem Solving: How to ask the right questions to understand another’s view and problems.
  • Negotiation: How to say Yes & No confidently in difficult situations & keep the relationship

At the completion, we want to walk away with a lasting confidence founded upon timeless truths to respond well in every circumstance.

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