Audience in Workshop
One Body Leader provides learning solutions that help individuals, teams & organizations excel as one body.

One Body Leader is the blog of Paul Wong, a dedicated soft skills trainer who helps leaders, teams & organizations work as one body by getting aligned in purpose & values.

Our bodies comprise of many parts working together as one. All parts were created and share equal value while having differing roles. All parts are joined together at the head, sharing all joy and suffering each part experiences.

How good it is when a healthy body functions together as one! And how painful and frustrating it is when an unhealthy body functions as fragmented parts or experiences the loss of parts.

The reality is that there will never be perfection in this life. The only possibility is moving in the right direction of becoming more healthy. Our bodies are aging but hopefully our minds are maturing and with that maturity comes the right attitudes, wisdom & skills to be & do the best with whatever the current condition of our bodies are.

That describes the main analogy we want to explore and apply as we grow as individuals, families, teams and organizations.

Join us on this journey as we grow in the direction of becoming a One Body Leader in our life, family & work relationships.